Those who love beauty and elegance cannot avoid living in beauty, personalizing their homes with pictorial decorations. Often even a simple decoration is enough to give an otherwise insignificant environment its character. Monochromatic trompe- l'oeil frames, ornamentations and wainscotings are the most recurrent themes in Italian decorative tradition, but the possibilities are infinite, such as imitation materials (marble, wood, stone, fabrics), copies of famous art works or decorations in a certain style, the use of silver or gold foils. In public environments, decoration makes it possible to differentiate the space and make it particular as well as more attractive and recognizable. Special attention should be paid to children's bedrooms. Children see things with different eyes than adults, they dream much more. So why not turn their rooms into enchanted worlds?

Trompe l'oeil

Trompe l'oeil

Trompe-l'oeil is a French term that literally means "deceiving the eye". It is a technical "game" that transforms a flat wall into an image with depth. Already the Romans used it to decorate the walls of their homes with perspectives, landscapes, wainscoting. Today trompe-l'oeil is widely used to increase the value of insignificant corners in a home, turning structural defects into strong points. The creation of a trompe-l'oeil needs to be preceded by an inspection to analyze the characteristics of the space that will host the painting and to grasp the dreams and ideas of the client and consequently transform them into a pleasant reality.

Studio ambientazioni

Interior decoration planning

The profession of the decorator consists in adding value to the characteristics of a space or changing its perception. But decorating does not exclusively mean using figurative or pictorial elements. In some spaces it is more suitable to intervene with solutions that can change the atmosphere without connoting it with traditional decorative subjects. In this category we can include chromatic solutions, glazing, details in gold foils, fake tapestries or wainscotings, fake marbles and woods. The operation can be extended to any kind of support: objects, furniture, glass, fabric, transforming them into unique pieces or increasing their value if they are already precious in origin. "To be irreplaceable you need to be different", Coco Chanel used to say.



Italy is well-known as the country of art, it is the cradle of extraordinary works that are famous all over the world. However, we should not forget that there are also small works of art hidden in far-away corners and long forgotten and that they are too often ruined by negligence and time. Bringing them back to life is an honor, apart from being a great pleasure. We deal exclusively with the restoration of wall paintings, from any period, and produced with any painting technique, both in interiors and exteriors.